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Friday, 26 May 2017


Technology is developed. and all are busy in their personal works, businesses and studies, etc... some people are very busy in their life, some times they forget about food and water. in this type of world we have many friends and many relatives.
maybe they are important to you. but you have no time to meet them.
and some time you have no time to wish them in their special or important days.
by this reason they think you don't remember them and  this reason your relation maybe broke.

So, there is website that is wish your friends or relatives on their important day.
in this website you have chance to set the wish message, that send to your friends on particular date.

So this is the process how to set that

  • in To box enter your friend e-mail address.

  • in Subject box enter your subject like birth day,wedding day, etc..
  • after that enter your message
  • and set date which day a you want to wish them

  • and make it as private
  • and here is a chance to send wishes with picture
  •  finally click on send button.


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